Long Haircut

Length below the shoulder is considered a long haircut. If you have extra thick or long hair, let me know and we can book more time to perfect your locks.


Barber/Clipper Cut/Pixie Cut/Extra Short

If the haircut is above the ear, this is the one for you.


Custom Coloring

Balayage, bright pure tones, let's imagine something new. You know it's special, so let me know what you are imagining. Please text me thoughts, ideas, pictures, etc...


Color & Haircut

Regrowth, retouch, or all-over colors and a haircut of any length. Please contact me if you have extra thick, long, or a history of stubborn hair, and/or if you know you typically require extra time; I will adjust time and price accordingly. 


All-Over Bleach & HairCut


Bang or Neck Trim

Express clean-up for returning clients only. Text me with an open day for you, and I will let you know your timeslot. (Please don't be late, as you will lose the appointment.)

Short Haircut

Above the shoulder, but below the ear.


Express Regrowth/
Retouch Color Service

(quick blow dry only) 

If your regrowth is longer than 1", the cost will be adjusted for extra color used. Let me know if you would like to book extra time to style.




Feel free to send me photos and examples of what you're envisioning.



Highlight & Haircut

Please let me know if you have thick hair or require extra time.


Bleach Touch-up & Haircut

Bleach root touch up and a haircut.